Meet Wyatt Anthony & Jacob Dallas

Our twins were born 11/12/08 at 31 weeks gestation. Wyatt weighed in at 3 lbs 11 oz and Jacob at 2 lbs 8 oz.  Their journey in NICU lasted 67 and 74 days. We live an hour from Saskatoon and had one older son which made our days pretty interesting. Every morning I would leave home, drop my older son off at daycare or with family and head in to sit and watch my boys and hope to get a snuggle, change a diaper, hold a feed or just hold their hand. The only reason I was able to leave every evening was because of the trust I had in the NICU staff. These people are truly amazing. I knew that they were keeping such a close eye on my boys, I knew they were snuggling them when I couldn’t, singing to and rocking them when they were upset and treating them as though they were their own. They knew I would be there every day I could for rounds, that I would call every evening shortly after midnight to see what today’s weights were and if were any changes after I left. This was my tradition for 74 days and not once did anyone grumble at me. Hoa answered the phone “hello Mrs. Baumann” almost every time as she quickly recognized my number.  I was no stranger to NICU as I had worked there 4 years earlier. I did, however, learn a different perspective being there as a parent compared to being the nurse. I realized just how important the little things are to parents. Waiting 4 hours just to change a diaper, do oral care, hold that syringe to do the tube feed even if it only takes 30 seconds because of its 5 mls or being the first one to bottle feed my sons. The list goes on and on. Being able to do those little things allowed me to feel so much closer to my boys in the chaotic world of NICU.  I can honestly say I never appreciated these small things as a nurse until I experienced them first hand as a mother of a prem. One memory that sticks out for us was Christmas day. We were sad that day and feeling sorry for ourselves because our boys weren’t home with us. When we arrived to visit our boys, there was a card taped to each of the boy’s isolettes. Inside was a Christmas card to us of our sons and it included a picture of each boy. This was the best gift I have ever received and I was so happy that the staff took the time to create those treasures for us. Without the NICU my boys would not be alive today. We are thankful every day that our sons received such excellent care.

Thank You to all the NICU staff

Meet Wyatt Anthony & Jacob Dallas Baumann
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