Meet the Weinkauf Triplets

At eight weeks into my pregnancy we learned that we were pregnant with not only one baby but three! We had conceived spontaneous triplets. We had no idea what laid ahead for us or what to expect.

Once we started seeing a specialist in Saskatoon for multiples we learned that I would not be carrying our triplets to term and our best goal would be to make it to 35 weeks. This meant that the likelihood was good that they would need some sort of stay in the NICU.

Instead I made it to 34 weeks +1 before going into labour and needing an emergency C-section. The delivery went as good as it could, but at 3lbs 14oz, 3lbs 13oz, and 4lbs 4oz and 6 weeks early, my boys were off to the NICU as feeders and growers.

We lived 2.5 hours away in Lloydminster and while I stayed close by at the Ronald McDonald house, my husband couldn’t take that much time off work until the babies came home. Thankfully, we were told about the amazing Bloom NICU camera (NicView) which they were able to switch between our trio each day so we could see them at any time during the day. We knew that even if neither of us could be there, our boys were in the hands of the nurses/angels in the NICU.

The NICU staff helped lead us through things as “simple” as changing out tiny baby diapers, which is a lot more intimidating with all the cords and leads to be aware of, taking temperatures, giving sponge baths, teaching us how to first feed them through gavage feeding and then introducing bottles when they were ready. They were there for support, a friendly ear to listen, they answered any and all of the many questions and worries we had, and cared for our boys as if they were their own.

Our NICU stay was fairly textbook and we were blessed to not have any complications, they just needed to hit their milestones of weight, feeding, regulating temps, and no dsats or brady’s, so they could come home.

Our baby C was the first to break out if NICU after 17 days, A and B followed after 21 days. They are now energetic, wild, adventurous 13 month old boys that we likely would not have in our lives if it weren’t for the amazing care of the NICU staff. We were and still are so thankful to have had such an incredible team of angels helping our babies thrive!


Meet the Weinkauf triplets
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