Meet Taliana & Rayna

My twins were born at 31 weeks and stayed in NICU for 6 weeks. I don’t really like to remember that time. It’s very hard for parents to leave babies at the hospital and go home alone. But my husband and I told everyone that at least we knew that our daughters were getting the best possible care. We hated to see them covered in tubes, on different methods of delivering oxygen, hear that one had a heart murmur that had to be treated, or see the IV needle stuck into their hands, feet, or head. It was terrible! But at the same time, we saw how closely they were being monitored by the nurses and how knowledgeable the doctors were. Our twins were getting much better care than we could have given them. And we’ll always be thankful to the NICU nurses who encouraged us and taught us how to do every little thing we could to be parents to our daughters.

Meet Taliana Esmerelda & Rayna Sapphire Siemens
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