Meet Sloane

When my water broke at home at 34 weeks I was in complete denial that a baby would be arriving shortly. As first time parents we had no idea what to expect! When I arrived at the hospital, I was under the impression I’d receive antibiotics and be on my way home! On May 19th with almost no warning, Sloane was born weighing 4lbs 13oz. Again, completely naive, I thought they’d take her down to NICU for a few hours and we’d be on our way. Of course this was not the case. Our amazing l&d nurse informed us, that I would likely be discharged before Sloane. The heartache was sinking in that she might be there for a while.

Walking into the NICU is like walking into another dimension. Especially after giving birth it really felt traumatic to walk through the full bays of sweet, tiny babes, taking it all in and wondering how your life would look for the next few weeks.

Thank God our soft place to land was our sweet nurse, Ashley. She explained so much to us those first frantic hours and was such a gentle soul – setting the tone for our entire stay in the NICU. Every nurse we encountered was so wonderful, calling me to let me know she’d eaten or to come down to help her with her first bath or just bringing me kleenex and letting me cry. I also leaned incredibly hard on my dear friend, NICU nurse Leisha who was on mat leave at the time! It really takes a special person to be ‘on the job’ even when they’re not! I’m not sure what I would do without them.

After a battle with persistent Jaundice and Bradycardia, our little 4 pounder was finally discharged just shy of 2 weeks. We will never forget the kindness we received from each and every one of Sloane’s nurses.

Hayley & Tyler Eaglesham

Meet Sloane
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