Meet Reed

Our son Reed Adam Fehr was born at 29 weeks and 6 days in 2017 weighing 3lbs 10oz.

For the most part, I thought I was having a pretty smooth pregnancy, I was feeling pretty good other than the usual tired and at times uncomfortable. Before my 20-week anatomy scans, I was measuring a bit big and the ultrasound confirmed this. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and had to keep it under control with diet and exercise, which luckily, I was able to do.

At around 25-26 weeks I started having a bit of fluid come out… this being my first pregnancy and from my searches on “dr Google” I concluded that it must be the bladder incontinence starting that some women experience with pregnancy. Looking back now I was quite naive to think this. At 28 weeks I had another follow-up ultrasound to check on size and try to get some measurements that we weren’t able to get on the 20-week scan. My doctor thought everything looked good and nothing was said about my fluid levels.

The evening before Reed was born I was very uncomfortable when I was leaving work and my hips were quite sore. I tried a number of different things to try to get comfortable and decided that if I still felt like this in the morning I would go get checked out.

I woke up feeling okay and started getting ready for work. After a few minutes, I started to have some contractions. I paced around a little and then tried to lay on my side to see if they’d go away. They didn’t stop. I went to the bathroom and there was blood, I woke my husband and told him we needed to go into the hospital immediately. We live about 30 minutes from the hospital and on the way there the contractions got very intense and one right after the other. By the time we arrived at the hospital I was in so much pain, I couldn’t fill out the paperwork and had a hard time walking. The nurses took me into assessment and when they checked they instantly moved me to a birthing room.

In a whirlwind of people coming and going the OBGYN on call informed me we needed to get this baby out now. I no longer had any fluid left and he was dropping into the birth canal and was also breech. I was rushed in for an emergency C-section. Within an hour of arriving at the hospital, Reed was born. He wasn’t breathing when he came out and the NICU team rushed to tend to him. They gave me a quick flash of his face as they rushed him out the door, I didn’t get to touch or hold him or even hear him cry. I’ve never been more scared in my life.

Reed was on a ventilator for two days before we were able to move to high flow O2. He had too many tubes and wires and I wasn’t able to hold him until day five. Day five was such an amazing day, I never wanted to put him down. I will always remember the nurse that handed me my son for the first time.

Most of Reed’s NICU stay was him just learning to breathe, needing time to grow, eat and get strong, we had a few bumps along the way and a few health scares but nothing that amounted to anything too serious, thankfully. It felt a lot longer but 45 days after Reed was born he was discharged from the NICU. We are so incredibly grateful to all the amazing staff involved with the NICU and we thank them daily for giving us our healthy boy! Today we have a very busy and strong-willed 2-year-old who doesn’t let anything get in his way.

Meet Reed
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