Meet Penelope

Being pregnant with my third child was supposed to be exciting. I was going to really soak in my last pregnancy, I went out to buy maternity clothes( because who doesn’t love stretchy pants. i couldn’t wait to feel this little bay kick and move around, I was already thinking of getting pregnancy and newborn photos taken this time around.

Things did not go as planned. The maternity pants I bought, I only wore once, my husband never did get to feel this baby kick his hands while on my belly I didn’t get to grow and there were no maternity photos.

Penelope was born on November 13 2016, at 24 weeks, weighing 600 grams. She was the smallest little thing I think I ever saw. We thought we would have more time. She was rushed off to the NICU without a name. Although it didn’t take us long to agree that Penelope was the name she would grow into.

I was so scared, scared of the unknown, is my baby going to make it through the night, let alone come home? Every day was a struggle to watch your precious tiny baby just lay there. As a parent in this situation you feel hopeless, but Penelope kept growing and every day she grew stronger. Penelope spent 150 days in the NICU. She had her fair share of obstacles but she is the strongest baby I know and she overcame every single one!

I don’t think I would have made it through the journey if it was not for the support of our family and friends as well as the support and wonderful care from the healthcare team!



Meet Penelope
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