Meet Nolan & Nikayla

On February 15, 2012, we became the proud parents to our son and daughter.  Unfortunately, they came to us three and a half months too early.  We were in a state of shock and didn’t know what the road ahead would involve.  Nolan was born weighing 1lbs 15oz and Nikayla was 1lbs 11oz.  We only saw them for a brief moment before being taken to NICU.  I had heard of NICU but didn’t totally grasp what it was until we walked through their doors. We were already in a state of disbelief, fear, and uncertainty and then walking into NICU did not help matters.  Incubators line the dimmed room, monitors beeping and flashing information, wires, cords and tubes hanging from machines and babies, and doctors, nurses, and parents fill the room. It seemed like a scene from a movie.  I never imagined we would ever be there.  It takes your breath away seeing all these sick and tiny babies fill the room.  I will never forget the moment we got to see our babies and how wonderful the nurses were.  They were very sympathetic, warm, and caring.  These ladies made our journey a lot easier with their compassion and dedication.  This is not just a job for these nurses.  They love what they do.  They are there to sit by your baby for endless hours making sure your precious baby is comfortable and their condition is stable.  They are there to fight for your baby.  They are the voice for your baby during their stay in NICU.  They answer question after question, help make things seem as normal as possible in such a traumatic time in our lives, and become like family during our stay.  We thank each and every one of these nurses for their dedication and determination in helping our little ones for the first five months of their lives.  The NICU nurses are such an integral part of our son and daughters life.  They will never know how much they are appreciated. Today, Nolan and Nikayla are doing well.  They are both weighing just over 20lbs, walking, and building their vocabulary.

Meet Nolan & Nikayla Nowakowski
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