Meet Naomi

October 11, 2015, Was a blissful day. The weather was beautiful and it was our son Dominic’s first birthday. With excitement and joy we celebrate his special day. Whilst the party mid-afternoon at 31 weeks pregnant I started feeling some strong unsettling contractions. I composed myself as best as I could and then it became noticeable that to others that I was uncomfortable.  I was encouraged to go have a lay down as I probably overdid it for the birthday party. Now as was lying down and this being my fourth pregnancy I knew this was more than “overdoing it”. I became so uncomfortable I asked my partner to take me into RUH. Upon arrival to the antepartum wing, my contractions had become even stronger. Knowing I was only 31 weeks you could see the urgency within the nurses and doctors eyes. After my initial assessment and the discovery of little toes being felt, the sense of urgency shifted within moments to an emergency.

After having three normal deliveries this became very frightening to me and my partner.  We were informed that they needed to do an emergency C-section and the Neonatal team would be down to speak with us shortly. Completely devastated, scared and worried about the unknown we headed into the surgical room.  I had never had a C-section or a preemie so I was unbelievably distraught. I know they whisked her away following her delivery and dad and auntie followed.  I was in the recovery room wondering about my little 31 weeker, my C-section and all of these unknowns.

Naomi Camille Machan was 4lbs 7ounces. She needed some interventions and we were told it would be hour by hour for the next while. She was a tough little girl with tubes and IV’s, but she pulled through. She fought and she fought hard. She surprised all of us as she was able to head home on October 30, 2015. I am so incredibly grateful for the NICU, the staff, the supports and how the overall experience gave us a sense of ease through one of the most terrifying experiences of our life.

Naomi is now 3. She is a normal 3 years old, but with some fight to this day. Strong head and nothing can stop her. We have been so blessed.

Meet Naomi
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