Meet Mason & Kallie

Our NICU stay was a roller coaster. Our twins Mason and Kallie were born at 30 weeks 5 days. It was So scary for us but the nurses and Drs took such good care of our little miracles. They both weighed 3.11 when they were born and both were on breathing support for only a day. They were so tiny but doing great. The nurses were so good at explaining what all the different tubes and monitors were for which helped us feel more comfortable.

The first time they asked if I wanted to hold my babies was so unexpected and the nurses were always so good about taking pictures of us.

After 3 weeks in the NICU, I got a call from one nurse saying Mason was sick and asked me when I was coming in. I was already getting ready to go in so I rushed in and was not sure what to expect. Mason was very sick with something called NEC, and he didn’t even look the same. Dr. Wonko was so wonderful and took the time to explain every bit of detail as to what was wrong, treatment and was truthful with us at such a scary time. We were not even sure if Mason was going to survive. Dr. Wonko always made time for us to talk about Mason even if there was nothing new to discuss. The nurses who took care of him when he was sick were wonderful. Without the nurses who acted so quickly when Mason first got sick, Dr. Wonko and the residents and the surgeon taking care of Mason he wouldn’t be here today. They saved his life.

Kallie was sent home after 6 weeks while Mason had to stay behind while he was getting better. The nurses gave me lots of hugs as I was so emotional with a healthy baby at home and a sick baby in the NICU. They were so supportive and went out of their way for not just my babies but me as well. They were there to cuddle mason when I couldn’t. They were there talking to Mason when I couldn’t be.

The NICU has such a good support system for parents going through such a scary time. They are happy with you with each new exciting progress and they are sad with you when you have setbacks.

I remember after Mason’s surgery I would talk to Mason and tell him how proud I was of him and tell him I pray every day for him to recover quickly so he can be home with his family and his nurse had to excuse herself cause she got emotional listening to me. She probably doesn’t even know that I knew. That just shows how invested the NICU staff are. They truly are angels. I can’t even put into words how grateful I am to all the nurses and Dr.’s who took care of both my babies.

Meet Mason & Kallie
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