Meet Logan

At 6 pm on October 17th, 2017 my wife Sarah finished work just like normal and jumped in her car to head home. Sarah works in Lloydminster and we live an hour outside of the city, so she gave me a call to let me know she was on her way. I told her I’d start supper and that I loved her and I’d see her when she got home. It was now well past seven and I knew something wasn’t right. The dogs were acting strange and I just knew something was wrong. The phone rang, it was Sarah’s dad. While working that night at the hospital he saw Sarah come in and get rushed into surgery.

When Sarah was driving home she didn’t get 10 minutes out of the city when all of a sudden she felt like she had peed her pants. When she looked down all she could see was blood. Without a second thought Sarah’s mothering instincts kicked in and she immediately swung the car around and sped towards the hospital. We were lucky enough that she arrived just in time to save not only herself but our son Logan as well.

Sarah had to have an emergency C-section.

After I hung up the phone I jumped into my car and raced to the hospital. It was the longest drive of my life. I raced into the hospital and I was met by my mother and father-in-law, the met me with both a smile and a look of worry. As we walked to Sarah’s room my mother-in-law said: “he’s got your nose”. I was elated, I didn’t know we were having a boy!

When I walked into the room the nurses were in a frenzy working on Logan. His lungs were weak and not fully developed as he was six weeks early. While Sarah was still asleep from surgery I was able to meet Logan and talk to the doctors about what was going on. When I got back to the room Sarah was just starting to wake up and that’s when we met Celeste. She was a nurse just about to retire and we could not have asked for a more experienced nurse to help us and ride with Logan to Saskatoon. Logan needed to be immediately airlifted to Saskatoon because the hospital in Lloydminster didn’t have the equipment to work on his underdeveloped lungs. Sarah was transported by land and was reunited with our son later that night.

Despite his underdeveloped lungs, Logan spent two weeks in the hospital. Today he is a happy, healthy boy!

Meet Logan
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