Meet Kayden Isaac

My husband and I were very excited for our new bundle of joy, due September 9th, 2013. I was 39 weeks pregnant and was on top of the world. Unfortunately, we had no idea of the heartache and pain we were about to experience in the days to come. On August 29th, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling movement like I normally did. At 11 PM we decided that we would not sleep a wink if we didn’t at least get it checked out.  We walked into the hospital doors as though they were going to send us back home as young naïve parents. We even walked in saying this is a good practice run so we know what to do in a couple weeks.  We wish that were the case. Our baby was not as responsive as they were hoping and rushed us in to have an emergency C-section. Kayden Isaac Ardell was born at 2:35 AM but was not breathing. The wonderful staff worked hard to resuscitate and once they had him stable rushed him into the NICU. We cannot say enough about the wonderful nurses and doctors that work in this facility. Patience, understanding, and empathy are a few words to describe the staff at NICU but we prefer to just say amazing.  Darren and I were in a trance and could not possibly consider the worst case scenario. All we could do was remain hopeful. At 6 lbs, 6 oz our little man looked huge in comparison with some of his little neighbors and we couldn’t understand the graveness of his condition. Kayden was born with his cord wrapped around his neck 4 times and had lost a lot of oxygen.  The nurses and doctors were patient with us in explaining Kayden’s condition and always lent their ears for support. The staff in the NICU were so accommodating with us and our entire family. We thank them for all of their hard work and for looking into every avenue to try and save our son’s life. After 3 days of fighting so hard to stay with us, our sweet Kayden was taken up to God in the arms of Angels. He remains with us daily and will never be forgotten.  While in the NICU Kayden’s daddy gave him a special A&W bear to keep with him in his bed as we couldn’t always cuddle him as we wished. Since January 2014 these little bears are given to the NICU to be handed out to every baby who enters.  We have renamed them ‘Kayden Bears’ and hope every little baby that enters the NICU has Kayden watching over them and a little bear to be with them during and after their time in the NICU.

Meet Kayden Isaac Ardell
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