Meet Gabriella

I found out I was pregnant and went for my first ultrasound at nine weeks. The doctor called me after reviewing the images and told me that she saw some abnormalities and wanted to see me again. They did another ultrasound and found that I had what they called a “septum” in my uterus that separated my uterus in half giving me a left side and a right side. My daughter was on the right side and eventually, she just ran out of room to grow forcing me into labour at 33 weeks.

When I went to the hospital they found out that she was breach and that I would have to have an emergency C-section. When they pulled her out she cried only for a second and then stopped. She was unable to breathe on her own, so they had to rush her down to the NICU. I didn’t even get to see her, it was heartbreaking.

When they did the C-section, they discovered that the septum was actually bigger than they originally thought, and they had to do two surgeries to try and fix it. Of course, I had complications and I had to have a blood transfusion. I started to worry that I would never be able to have more children, but I was wrong, and I now have two beautiful miracle babies!

We were told originally that we would be there until her actual due date of February 17th, but she did well that we were able to go home after 17 days.

I remember the day they called me and told me I could finally take my baby girl home, I was happy but scared to have her home on my own without all the amazing nurses. We had to speak to a nutritionist because we needed to have her on a special formula to help her grow faster. We spent a lot of time visiting the nutritionist and specialists to make sure she was growing and gaining up to where she needed to be. But to my surprise, by the time she was ten months old, our family doctor told me she could remove the premature off of her chart because she was doing so well!

My daughter is now four years old and such an amazing girl and I am so proud of her.

Meet Gabriella
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