Meet Evan & Riley

When my water broke at 34 weeks, 2 days I was so excited to meet my twin boys that it honestly never crossed my mind that they would be premature and would spend time in the NICU. I have never been so scared as when my labor nurse said: “someone from the NICU delivery team will be up soon to talk to you.” The NICU staff member who came to see me was very good at explaining exactly what would happen after my babies were born. She prepared me for the very real possibility that I wouldn’t be able to hold my tiny sons and for the fact that they wouldn’t be discharged at the same time that I was – they would need to remain in the hospital for several weeks at least.

The NICU is truly a special place. It is its own little world inside RUH that you don’t even realize exists until your life suddenly revolves around it. The nurses who work there shared in our triumph when we took one of our boys home after eleven days and held my hands while I cried when the doctor said our second son would have to stay another week. I remember saying “this is silly, I should be thankful. There are so many babies in here who are so much sicker than mine.” The nurse looked straight at me and said, “but you’re his Mom. It’s okay to be upset when your baby has a setback. He’s the one in here,” and patted her chest over her heart. I will never forget that moment.

During our sixteen days of NICU time, I met five other Moms who became dear friends of mine. The six of us, eight preemies between us and eight other children born before and since have remained friends and still get together every few months. We have an annual birthday party every summer and this summer we all smiled and hugged each other as we lined up our eight not-so-tiny four year olds for their birthday picture. We reminisced about how much they had grown and how much our favorite nurses had helped us through the most difficult time in our lives.

I will be forever thankful to the NICU and all of its staff for the excellent medical care provided to our family. The nurses and doctors who work in the NICU are truly special people and many of us owe our children’s lives to them.

Meet Evan & Riley
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