Meet Chayse Quentin

My son Chayse was born at 24 weeks and 3 days gestation, he weighed 1lb 15oz and was small enough to fit in my husband’s hand.  I had been on bed rest for 4 weeks before he was born because of a partial placental abruption, and 1 week prior to his birth we found out I had next to no amniotic fluid left.  Chayse was only given a 15% chance of survival, but we decided that we wanted the NICU team there at his birth to assess him and determine what they could do for him.  Seconds after he was born he was in the care of the NICU team and remained in their care for another 103 days.

The NICU is a scary and intimidating place to be at first;  beeping monitors, hushed voices, tiny babies in little isolates.  But the team of nurses and doctors that work there did an amazing job of reassuring and showing us that Chayse was in the best care possible, and as hard as it was to leave my baby there every day, I knew he was in the most capable hands.    Every night when I would leave the NICU and go home to the rest of my family, I felt at peace knowing he was in the best care possible.  The NICU nurses go above and beyond, they really truly care for the babies in the NICU and they also did a wonderful job of taking care of us and keeping us as parents informed on how our baby was doing.  Chayse fought through pneumonia, several lung infections, problems with his bowels and intestines, and he was intubated for 87 days which is a long time for a baby to be on the ventilator.

Without the hard work and dedication of the amazing NICU team,  my son wouldn’t be here with us today.

Meet Chayse Quentin
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