Meet Ayden

We are so grateful for the RUH NICU.

Our son Ayden, who is now 18, was born prematurely at 34 weeks. His lungs were not developed, and he was whisked away to the NICU before I even saw him. For four agonizing hours we didn’t know if our baby boy was going to make it.

Ayden had to be intubated because he needed help breathing. They had given him surfactant; a drug to keep his lungs open in hopes to give his lungs a chance to develop. They would be able to give him three additional times if the first time didn’t work.

Before we saw him, the NICU doctor came in to our room and told us not to have high expectations about what his life may look like. The doctor said there might be a lot of struggles whether mentally or physically.

When we finally got to see our baby, he had a huge breathing tube taped to his face and what seemed like a million wires hooked to him.

The nurses immediately came over to us and explained what everything was for. They explained that we wouldn’t be able to touch him and why our touch may irritate him. The nurses reassured us that he was in the best place he could possibly be in the world at that moment.

The NICU nurses were so caring. They never left our sides until we left.

Our journey in the NICU was long. We went through Ayden being ex-intubated and having to be intubated again. He was given surfactant the maximum number of times they could prescribe it, until finally he took his first breathes on his own.

It’s a horrible feeling having to leave your baby when you are discharged. It’s not a normal feeling to leave the hospital without your baby. I think the cameras they have now installed in the NICU are amazing for the parents. So many nights I would show up at one or two in the morning just to see my baby. The nurses would let me in just to sit by his bed, still unable to hold him. If I could have just watched him through a camera it would have made me feel so much closer to him.

Ayden would need care from a rehabilitation worker for motor skills when he came home. But finally he was released and we were able to take him home. The doctors and nurses were so amazing, without them we would have this amazing boy today. He has been pitching in the AAA league during high school. Won MVP on his high school volleyball team and numerous other awards. Ayden is now in college studying to someday hopefully enter the police force.

Thank you RUH NICU for helping my baby’s and our dreams come true, a healthy happy young man.

Meet Ayden
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