Meet Asa

Asa arrived much earlier than we expected, but she gave us a few days to try and wrap our heads around having a preemie baby. I was admitted into the hospital 5 days before she was born at 30 weeks and 4 days. She entered the world on a busy Saturday night in the maternity ward, via emergency caesarean section. I was able to go down to the NICU 7 hours after she was born to meet my daughter for the first time. All the isolates, the monitors, and the bright lights overwhelmed me. Thankfully, I was able to hold my baby. However, she was covered in monitors and was on CPAP. All the nurses were so kind telling me how beautiful she was and that they loved all her hair that looked like it had frosted tips! The first week after she was born, my head was in a fog. I couldn’t retain any information the nurses or doctors told me. I was even calling Kangaroo care, Koala care! After the first week I started listening, asking questions and retaining what I was being told. All I wanted to do when I was with her was hold her and do as much as I could to care for her. Changing diapers, bathing, and tube feeding were all very special to me. We were offered to be a part of the Family Integrated Care Study. This was a great opportunity because, in addition to all the standard things parents can do, we also charted weight, episodes, food quantity, etc. It gave us a sense of control and the feeling like we were caring for our baby. Asa had a few minor issues with her belly, but the doctors and nurses were always very proactive if there was any deviation from her normal. We had a super positive experience in the NICU thanks to the incredible team they have. I am so grateful to every nurse that cared for Asa during her stay. They were all excellent at their job and made me feel very comfortable for the 5 weeks Asa was in the NICU. Asa is now 13 weeks old 4 weeks adjusted age and weights 8lbs 6oz.

Meet Asa Solvason
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