Meet Amelia Viloet

We were expecting a baby for September 19, 2013, and instead, she decided to come at 23 weeks and 6 days.  She weighed 1 lb and 7 ozs.  I was ambulanced to Saskatoon as soon as my doctor figured out what was going on.  They managed to hold it off to administer medication for her lungs and brain.  No doctors gave us any hope of her survival or not having any mental or physical implications. The night she came they still weren’t sure she would survive but she came out screaming so the doctors intubated and took her to the NICU where she stayed for 3 months.  She was on a ventilator for 7 weeks, then CPAP for 2 weeks, and then moved to high-pressure o2 for approximately a week.  After that, she progressed to reg flow o2 which she remains on now. The nurses and Drs (especially Dr. Wonko who was in the delivery room) have been great through the appts, infections, and tears. We could have never got through without the miraculous efforts of the NICU staff.

Meet Amelia Viloet Mason
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