Meet Weston

Our NICU experience started when I was just 30 weeks into my pregnancy. My membranes ruptured, and we were currently living out of town. At the time, Saskatoon’s NICU was not able to take on any more patients, so I was transferred to Regina, where I spent 4 weeks in hospital. It wasn’t until I was 34 weeks, that Saskatoon’s NICU reopened, and I was transferred back to Saskatoon. Induction was the next step in my plan of care. Throughout the next 5 days, we were able to take a tour of the unit & meet with the NICU family coordinator. She was a TRUE angel. She sat with us in a quiet room, explaining what we were going to experience in a few short days. She talked openly to us about feelings we may experience, and the stresses that come along with having your baby in the NICU. I remember feeling very frightened and unsure, but after speaking with her, was put to ease. She was so compassionate, and truly knowledgeable. We then navigated our way through the delivery of our son @ 34.5 weeks, and spent the following 4 days in the NICU. It was during this time, that I felt a rush of various emotions, but one thing that truly kept me going, was knowing that my son had the best care possible. When visiting him, we were continually kept up to date with his newest information, as well as encouraged to assist in his daily needs. The staff were amazing with him, and despite it being one of the most scariest times of our lives, I truly felt comfortable leaving him in the care of the NICU staff. As parents, we have a “vision” or an “idea” of how we hope our childbirth experience will go. When things occur to alter this plan, it can truly cause a huge array of emotions, stress & anxiety. The NICU staff was very sensitive to this, and truly made this time in our lives much more manageable. I will forever be grateful for the skilled staff (Nurses, doctors, specialists, etc), who gave my son, the best care possible. Simply thanking them for taking such amazing care of him, so he was strong enough to come home, and be in my arms, will never seem like enough. I am truly grateful for such a facility in our city!

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