As parents, relatives, and friends of babies who have required NICU care, BloomNICU is an organization run solely by volunteers looking to enhance care and promote a positive patient/family experience in neonatal care.

Board Members

Amy Novakovski 306.280.2564
Tina Searcy 306.227.9013
Danielle Bradnam
Chloe Novakovski
Stephanie Greer
Sabrina Schueller
Karmin Kowalyshen
Colleen Shalley
Brenden Wehrkamp
Jason Pilot

Committee Members

  • Caitlin Gill
  • Abbey Hamilton
  • Alica Herbert
  • Danielle Hilton
  • Charissa Olmstead
  • Kelsey Parkin
  • Alesha Schumacher
  • Jessica Siemens
  • Meagan Fraser
  • Ashley Taylor
  • Rochelle Young
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