About Us

BloomNICU started with moms who had a special place in their hearts for the NICU; they wanted to find a way to give back to the place that cared for and saved their newborn babies. These moms cherished the NICU staff, their “Angels on Earth”, for providing them with miracles. They wanted to find a way to show their gratitude and give back. From their vision started a dream which has become BloomNICU.

BloomNICU has made great strides from its very humble beginning as a non-profit, non-funded charity with a goal to raise funds for neonatal care in Saskatoon and area.  From the purchase of portable ultrasound equipment and a ventilator used in critical patient transport to the first-ever NICView bedside cameras in Canada (allowing parents and families real-time video connections with their babies in the Saskatoon NICU).

Mission: All proceeds raised by BloomNICU are donated with the intent to support staff, enhance care and promote a positive patient/family experience in neonatal care.

Since 2012 BloomNICU has donated approximately $400,000 to neonatal care at the Saskatoon NICU. In 2019, BloomNICU expanded it’s vision and donated life-saving supplies for neonatal care to the communities of La Loche, Meadow Lake and La Ronge. Equipment totalling $5,000 was donated to these communities which were chosen based on advice received from the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

BloomNICU is recognized as a charitable organization and is endorsed by the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan.

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