What Is BloomNICU?

What started out as a small steak night with the vision to give back and say thank you to the NICU, by moms whose newborns lives were saved by the Saskatoon NICU has grown into a non-profit, non-funded charitable organization (Bloom in Support of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit),organizing events to raise funds for the NICU. BloomNICU and it’s events have developed an amazing community of supporters, sponsors and donors all with the vision to raise funds for the Saskatoon NICU, which provides special care to newborns born too early, too ill or too small for all of Saskatchewan and beyond.

Raised since 2011

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Bloom’s continued success depends on the added support of our local community through donations and sponsorship by providing in-kind services, financial donations or by providing cost sharing opportunities or discounted rates.

The Parlour – A Swanky Speakeasy 2019

The Parlour – A Swanky Speakeasy  2019
Meet Penelope

Being pregnant with my third child was supposed to be exciting. I was going to really soak in my last pregnancy, I went out to buy maternity clothes( because who doesn’t love stretchy pants. i couldn’t wait to feel this little bay kick and move around, I was already thinking of getting pregnancy and newborn…

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